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App 25 is Now Live on the App Store

Our interactive storybook is now live on the App Store.

A banner for App 25 depicting five drawn custom minifigures, linking to the app store.


App 25 Submitted

Yesterday we submitted the iPad version of App 25 to Apple for approval. We plan on launching in the near future.

In the meantime, take a look at the app’s icon and check out the pinboard we’ve put together, listing the tools we used to create it.

iOS icon for App 25


Thoughts on Interaction

The main difference between a game and a book (in the realm of the iPad) is that a game you pick up to play and a book you sit down to read. The expectation of what a thing is, determines how it’s going to be perceived and used (consumed). Games require more active input (gameplay) from the user in order to be entertaining. Books are more passive and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, trying to add interactivity where none is needed can distract from the content and the content is the book’s sole purpose. Books exist for content, where games exist for both content and gameplay.

That doesn’t mean that books on the iPad shouldn’t make use of the iPad’s full potential for interactivity, if it’s appropriate and helps the content be communicated better, or enriches it in a meaningful way. In most cases, however, it’s in the way.

Recognize your project and adapt accordingly. Don’t force a book in becoming a game. A book which could have been great as “just” a book, can make for an underwhelming game.


App 25. A sci-fi tale about how a being from another world sees humans and humanity.