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Where’s Paradise? Episode 1 is the Corona SDK App of the Week .

We thank the team at Ansca for this recognition and for developing a great product. Corona SDK and Kwik made our development work a lot easier.

From the Ansca Review:

Most importantly, this is how eBooks should be made! Where’s Paradise? sews together text, interactive maps, photos, and even a short film together into one seamless and supreme learning experience.

If the classrooms of tomorrow will be learning off tablets rather than paper, Where’s Paradise? is a prime example of how the best reference tools will need to be constructed.


Where's Paradise? Episode 1: Nusa Lembongan was featured as Corona SDK App of the Week


The Two Sides of Where’s Paradise?

The Where’s Paradise? project is made up of two distinct parts. A part containing a documentary film, photos and our recorded and processed observations of the island of Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia (in the case of the first episode). All of them are available online for free, the documentary can be viewed on Vimeo and the photos on 500px and Flickr.

The second part of the project is the Where’s Paradise? Episode 1: Nusa Lembongan iPad app which contains all of the content mentioned above in a beautiful package, designed and lovingly handcrafted by us, the same two people who made the rest of the content.

We get a lot of great free content from the web everyday ourselves, so charging for the content itself didn’t feel right to us. That’s why we are making all the content available online for free.

So why are we charging for the iPad App? Because by buying the iPad app, you’ll get to experience the film, the photos and our thoughts and observations of the island paradise all in one place, as a single piece, a single multifaceted story, in a design that we created specifically for this purpose. And charging for the app will hopefully also allow us to make the next episodes.

We’re not asking for donations and promising a project or a product that may or may not be everything that was initially promised, or even come out at all, we are already delivering a polished piece and if enough people like it, we’ll get to do the next episodes. Simple as that.

But why built an iPad app in the first place? A number of reasons actually, but most importantly because we really like the platform, both the device itself and the App Store ecosystem. Besides that, we want to experiment, and see if there’s room for successfully distributing this sort of an artistic project on the platform.


After almost a year in development (currently we’re a team of just two), our first iPad app Where’s Paradise? Episode 1: Nusa Lembongan is launching today on the app store.

Developing the app was quite a fun process, although it took a lot more time than we originally anticipated. However, we learned a great deal along the way. We both have a background in filmmaking and photography but designing and developing an app was a relatively new process for us.

We hope you’ll like how the app turned out and support our ongoing project Where’s Paradise? by getting yourself a copy from the App Store.

If you just want to check out the the film and the photos of the project’s first episode, they will be made available online for free on Vimeo, Flickr and 500px. The film is already live on Vimeo and the photos will be uploaded at the rate of three per day in the following 35 days.

However, by buying the app you’ll not only get access to a beautiful, hand-drawn, interactive map of the island and have all the content available now on your iPad (offline as well) in a beautifully designed package, but you’ll also be helping us make the next episodes.

To find out more about Where’s Paradise?, visit the project’s page on our website.


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