Where’s Paradise? Episode 1 is App of the Week!

Where’s Paradise? Episode 1 is the Corona SDK App of the Week .

We thank the team at Ansca for this recognition and for developing a great product. Corona SDK and Kwik made our development work a lot easier.

From the Ansca Review:

Most importantly, this is how eBooks should be made! Where’s Paradise? sews together text, interactive maps, photos, and even a short film together into one seamless and supreme learning experience.

If the classrooms of tomorrow will be learning off tablets rather than paper, Where’s Paradise? is a prime example of how the best reference tools will need to be constructed.


Where's Paradise? Episode 1: Nusa Lembongan was featured as Corona SDK App of the Week


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App 25. A sci-fi tale about how a being from another world sees humans and humanity.